Grow your business by expanding your network

One key strategy for building your business is to actively expand your network. Most entrepreneurs know that having strong supporters who can open doors, help find customers and employees, or help fund your business is a requirement to scale. The question then becomes how do I find the right people to add to my network? […]

Using Crowdfunding to Fund Your Startup

Startup founders often ask me about using crowdfunding as a fundraising strategy to launch their startup.  For many consumer products companies, this may be a good path to test product concepts. However, for those that want to raise equity, the misconception that crowdfunding is the easier path, vs the traditional path of finding friends and family, […]

What’s the big deal? Business of Software Conference USA 2022

This week I got to experience the Business of Software (BOS) Conference for the first time. A handful of our local tech entrepreneurs; Bill Spruill, James Avery, and Carl Ryden have all touted this event as a must-attend for every software founder/CEO. They said it’s not like any other conference I’ve ever attended and I […]

Two Triangle Founders who Built a Company while Contributing to the Success of their Peers

Exits and funding events create a contagious buzz among media sources and give a community a great cause for celebration. However, there is often less emphasis on a founder(s) journey to get to that milestone, along with their impact on the entrepreneurial community over time. Shutterfly acquires Durham-based startup, Spoonflower When the announcement of Spoonflower’s […]

Apply To Pitch at Venture Atlanta

Venture Atlanta Deadline is August 6th! If you are looking to meet investors, now or anytime in the next nine months, Venture Atlanta is a must attend event in the southeast. Venture Atlanta will take place October 20-21 and promises the opportunity to meet/get noticed by 350 investors for both seed and growth stage companies […]