GRO by CED |  9-week online incubator program beginning April 2021!

CED is going back to its roots and responding to the market needs within the ecosystem with a new support program for both tech and life science. GRO is an online incubator program aimed at high-growth, high-impact companies looking to grow their venture through valuable programming and coaching. Apply now for April 2021 Cohorts 2 & 3!

CED has a proven track record in supporting companies at the most critical time. Our outcomes are based on our ability to deliver effective education while engaging a powerful network of experts to assist along the way. Cohort companies will attend weekly classes delivered by top-notch speakers, receive 1:1 coaching from industry leaders and entrepreneurs, and complete assignments to help launch their venture.

What will you learn at GRO? 

During the incubator, you will be given the opportunity to meet and work with dozens of people who can help you and your business to be successful through the weekly programming and lessons learned like: 

  • Customer discovery 
  • Managing burn
  • Scaling your business
  • Targeting Investors, and more. 

How much does GRO cost? 

Choosing the best investment for your company at such a critical juncture is never an easy decision. We also believe you should own all of your company, so we don’t ask for equity. What we do ask for is that you put a little skin in the game, so you stay focused and get the most out of the program.

Your investment is $950*, which includes access to the knowledge you need, entrepreneurs who will be long-term supporters, and the coaches you need to make progress.

*Scholarships may be available. Please contact us for more information.

Active Defender – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

I can sum it up in three letters. WOW! GRO was the best spent 9 weeks in the life of Active Defender. Connecting with coach Will Shook who time to understand where we were and then use his wisdom to lead us to a better place, was excellent. Will helped with our understanding of having a unified message and craft a more concise and improved message. GRO also connected us with many experts within the entrepreneurial community. The fireside chats were invaluable, from valuing customer discovery to understanding and appreciating the various possibilities for raising capital. Many of the speakers went above and beyond by allowing and encouraging us to connect directly with them. As a result of this, Chris Hively helped us with our pitch deck, and John Hawthorn helped us begging to grasp the value of growth hacking. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND GRO to all entrepreneurs!

– Jim Boyte, Active Defender Founder/CEO

Clever Education – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

We could not be happier about and more thankful for our experience with CED’s GRO program. The program was very well thought out and helped us gain valuable information about best practices for start-ups and avoiding errors that could have cost us money and time. Our coach was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. He dispensed his advice and suggestions in a professional yet caring manner, leading us to make discoveries by guiding our thought process. He made us feel comfortable and supported, yet challenged us in many ways which helped us grow and learn. CED brought in exceptional speakers whose experience and expertise was inspirational and motivating. They shared their wisdom generously. Our only regret is to not have found the GRO program a few months earlier! We feel so much better equipped to move our company forward thanks to Jay, Dan, and all the coaches’ and speakers’ wisdom. All was done in a professional manner with good humor and supportive spirit.

– Dominique & Serge Mouthon, Clever Education Solutions

YouEmbark – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

I’d just like to thank you all for the opportunity of allowing my partner, Jalen, and I to participate in you all’s program. We were lucky enough to receive funding from a donor which made us that much more thankful and pushed us to get the most out of what we were provided. Learning within those weeks of the program was a lot, but because of who it came from I was sure that it was worth listening to and remembering every word. With the addition of our more specified help from our coach Wendy, I feel more confident and ready for YouEmbark’s next steps and I honestly do not believe that I would without you all’s help. So I again, I thank you so very much for all of the help that you provided my partner and I. It was truly an amazing experience!

– Marcus Krah, YouEmbark

Truentity – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

CED’s GRO program has provided Truentity with a solid foundation for growth. The staff carefully choreographed a nice blend of in-class working sessions with live fireside chats with local VCs and entrepreneurs. The 1:1 time with assigned coaches is one of the most valuable assets of the program. In the end, you get what you put into the program. Keep up the great work Jay & team!

– Mike Desai, Truentity

IMAMA – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

IMAMA – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

We came to GRO as an idea company. In three short months with the help of GRO advisors and team, we have completed the customer discovery and created a working prototype. The best part was that the most prominent technology industry minds helped our startup craft a sound product and go-to-market strategy. Not to mention the exposure that we got on Demo Day. It would be impossible to get that kind of support on our own.

– Liliana Cantrell, IMAMA

Equity Shift – Fall 2020 Cohort Alumni

The access and coaching from local venture leaders helped Equity Shift prepare for the fundraising process. CED is fueling the potential growth of our local ecosystem by connecting small startups with the resources they need most.

– Will Duckett, Equity Shift

Apply for our 2021 Tech Cohort!

Technology companies can now APPLY for GRO, an Incubator by CED. If selected, your company will have the opportunity to join our Tech cohort. All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of industry experts.
We encourage you to apply if you:
  • Have plans to start a high-growth tech company but don’t know where to begin
  • Have started a high-growth tech company but are pre-revenue and need to nail the launch
  • Have launched a high-growth tech company with some revenue but are looking to scale

Apply for our 2021 Life Science Cohort!

Life science companies can now APPLY for GRO, an Incubator by CED. If selected, your company will have the opportunity to join our Life Science cohort. All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of industry experts.
We encourage you to apply if you:
  • Have plans to start a therapeutics, diagnostics, or medical device company but don’t know where to begin
  • Have started a life science company and need to move from the lab through regulatory approval to commercialization

Some of the companies CED has supported through FastTrac

Advanced Liquid Logic (Acquired by Illumina)

2004 Graduate


2003 Graduate

BioResource International Inc.

2000 Graduate

Cornerstone Therapeutics (Acquired by Chiesi)

2006 Graduate

Dignify Therapeutics Inc.

2013 Graduate


2005 Graduate

HyperBranch Medical Technologies (Acquired by Stryker)

2003 Graduate

Magnus Health

2006 Graduate


2007 Graduate

Polyzen, Inc.

2008 Graduate

SciQuest (Relaunched as Jaggaer)

1997 Graduate


2008 Graduate


2006 Graduate

Veracity Logic

2009 Graduate


2012 Graduate


2008 Graduate


1997 Graduate