Exploration and Engagement: How the Startup TNT Program Evolved my Perception of Entrepreneurship

By John Buxton, Startup TNT Intern, Spring 2024 When I first got the news that I had been accepted into the Startup TNT program, my thoughts were mixed with both excitement of the new opportunity, along with hesitations about whether or not I could balance the internship with my spring classes. After calling one of […]

Important Takeaways from My Semester as a Startup TNT Intern

By Emma Martinez-Morison, Startup TNT Intern, Spring 2024 My main motivation for applying to Startup TNT was the exciting opportunity to put the toolkit I have built via my Duke I&E Capstone into practice. I hoped to experience firsthand the inner workings of the renowned triangle innovation ecosystem. My experience with CED has more than […]

Grow your business by expanding your network

One key strategy for building your business is to actively expand your network. Most entrepreneurs know that having strong supporters who can open doors, help find customers and employees, or help fund your business is a requirement to scale. The question then becomes how do I find the right people to add to my network? […]