The Sales Process: How to Get Through to Your Prospect

If you’re not trained in sales but you are in charge of sales because you’re the founder of the company, treat the effort like you would any other: execute and measure. Most entrepreneurs have no idea what it takes to sell but what they do have are the guts and the discipline to do it, […]

Event Round-Up with Jay Bigelow

Fall is often known as the season of plenty… for me, it was the month of plenty events for entrepreneurs. Last week I went to 4 (and probably said no to several more). Monday was a local angel group monthly company pitch.   We are blessed to have 6 formal angel groups here, plus several […]

GEMELLI: Striving to Meet a “Twin” Purpose

Your company has an interesting name and logo, is there a story behind it? Gemelli means “twins” in Italian. While we have a pair of twins within the Gemelli family, the name also refers to a “twin purpose.” We bring healthcare tools to market, but we also strive to advance a second mission of philanthropy. […]

What’s your Leadership Identity

Forgive me for stating the glaringly obvious but leadership isn’t easy.  It’s a journey of workplace discovery, experience and experiment where new challenges and situations are pooled with your individual ethics, beliefs, behavior and attitude to define the leader you are.  Whilst there are many different styles of leadership, like any other journey, there should […]

Change the Energy, Change the Outcome

I recently sat down with June Gunter of GO-OD Consulting to find out more about the new venture she and Tuola Ousouljoglou have recently begun and gained some insight on entrepreneurial leadership. GO-OD Consulting partners with organizations to help provide guidance, develop leadership skills, enable change, and serve as trusted advisors you can count on to guide […]