Managing A Board Is An Art Not A Science

One of the hardest things an entrepreneur needs to learn is how to manage a board effectively. It’s not something that is taught in any school.  It only comes with experience, and if the entrepreneur is lucky, he/she has a kind and patient mentor (or maybe chairperson) who already developed the art and is willing […]

Startup Spotlight – Chekhub

Chekhub is an easy-to-use platform available on a desktop or mobile app, that empowers users to get more done. The Chekhub platform provides all the tools necessary to create, perform, and complete tasks with absolute clarity and accuracy.

LabVoice: Innovating Laboratory Workflows

CED recently spoke with Steve McCoy, Head of Sales for LabVoice, to explore what makes their technology so vital to scientists in their lab workflows. What does LabVoice do? LabVoice gives scientists a hands-free laboratory experience by bringing the first voice assistant tailored specifically to users and their laboratories. We know that scientists want to […]