Startup Spotlight: Ivy Clinicians

Ivy Clinicians is a new platform that will simplify how physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants connect to the right career opportunity. 

CED interviewed emergency physician and co-founder, Leon Adelman, to learn more about Ivy as they scale their platform towards additional specialty categories. Read on to find out how Ivy will connect clinicians to healthcare employers.

What is Ivy Clinicians’ core mission?

To improve patient care by matching quality clinicians with excellent jobs. We’re going to be the simplest way for clinicians to find better, higher-paying jobs and for healthcare employers to recruit high-quality clinicians. We are building a marketplace that is not biased towards either side but instead is focused on creating connections and achieving employment contracts.

What problem does Ivy solve?

Previously the three main avenues for a clinician to find a better, higher-paying job of their choice would be through word of mouth, working with an agency, or searching on job boards. Agencies are usually very expensive, word of mouth has limited scope and job boards can only show currently open positions, not to mention many positions never even get posted.

The current job market is difficult for employers to navigate as well. Barriers on the hiring side include that most clinicians are already employed and relatively few live in rural areas.

How will the process work for a clinician?

The first step in the process is to set up a profile. The process is free and includes easy tools for credentialing data validation.  Clinicians will be able to search all emergency rooms in the county and filter by elements such as geography or other key criteria. 

Market networks, such as Incredible Health, Nomad Health, and Hired, have been created for nursing and tech jobs. Ivy is learning from those successful companies to benefit the physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant job markets.

What are your company’s next milestones?

Our team is growing. Ivy’s chief technology officer and co-founder, Matt Simpson, is joining us full-time on November 1. We’re working towards bringing on an expert in clinical recruiting.  We are currently designing and developing the platform.  We plan to launch the market network around the turn of the year.

Ivy completed a pre-seed round on 9/24/21, raising $300k in five days.

What is motivating you to collaborate with CED? What is the value you believe they will add as you are currently scaling?

One of the nice things about starting a company in central North Carolina is that there is already this well-established infrastructure for entrepreneurs. I am an experienced emergency physician and hospital leader but I am a first-time founder. In order to launch Ivy, we are working with as many resources as are available to us and CED has been extremely helpful in guiding us through the company building process. They have also assisted with internal hiring, guided us on the funding, and given us general encouragement. CED has helped to reinforce that what we are working towards accomplishing is important and doable.


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