Muses Labs Signs Agreement with E-Telmed

Muses Labs ( and E-Telmed ( have signed an agreement to bring Muses Labs’ MEND Protocol for cognitive decline to over 3,000 physicians. E-Telmed is a leading provider of telemedicine services, used by physicians across all 50 states. This agreement lets individuals with pre- and early-symptomatic cognitive decline, as well as Alzheimer’s disease patients, benefit from the MEND Protocol entirely via telemedicine. 

A telemedicine-based model is an ideal fit for busy individuals with cognitive issues. They can collaborate with their coaches and physicians from their homes on their computers or mobile devices without the need to meet in person in a physical clinic. These individuals can follow the MEND Protocol while maintaining their jobs and lifestyle. Use of telemedicine also allows individuals to benefit from any physician licensed in their state, regardless of their physical location.

E-Telmed is headquartered in Coconut Creek, FL and was founded in 2007. E-Telmed operates a cloud-based telemedicine platform used by patients and physicians for telemedicine visits. In addition, E-Telmed offers plans that allow patients to access medical care in a cost and time effective manner. Physicians benefit from the ability to serve a broader base of patients, regardless of their location across a state.

E-Telmed will add a new MEND Protocol offering to their portfolio for use by the physicians and patients on their telemedicine network. The MEND Protocol offering will be built on top of Muses Labs services, but will be branded E-TelMEND. This is an exclusive deal. Muses Labs will work exclusively with E-Telmed to enable telemedicine based access to the MEND Protocol.

Both Muses Labs and E-Telmed expect significant patient and revenue traction due to this agreement. The two companies will direct their efforts towards technology and process integration, and to bring onboard the first set of physicians and patients.

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