Delivering Thanks for CED’s Mentoring & More

CED member The Produce Box, which delivers fresh & local produce all over NC, stopped by our office last week with gifts of appreciation.

“THANK YOU for all you guys have done to help me ‘lead more’, ‘learn more’, and think about how we can ‘give more’ to our community. The CED team leads by example and I’m constantly watching and listening to what you do and how you do it to make MY organization better. Just wanted you to know what an important role you play in the success of my business.”
– Courtney Tellefsen, Founder, The Produce Box

The CED team strives every day to connect entrepreneurial companies with high-value resources to accelerate business growth. One of CED’s resources that had an impact on the success of The Produce Box is the Venture Mentoring Service (VMS). CED VMS is a free service connecting entrepreneurs with a team of mentors for help with major business challenges including talent, customer acquisition, fundraising, and more.

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