Meet Kelly Rowell: CED’s Director of Customer Experience

What attracted you to CED? What excites you about this opportunity?

CED has been assisting entrepreneurs for nearly three decades. As a transplant to the Triangle, I was looking to immerse myself amongst North Carolina’s brightest and most innovative professionals.  CED was the answer.  Being a part of the support system that fosters growth in our community and across the world makes me excited to come to work every day. I enjoy helping and advocating for others, so the opportunity to do that in a space that breeds creativity is hitting a home run in my book.  

What is your first impression of the entrepreneurial community here?

The entrepreneurial community here in the Triangle reminds me of my previous home in Portland, Oregon. People are excited to work together and support one another to make good ideas, great.  CED facilitates these connections and the business community stands behind the work we do. I am looking forward to diving in and becoming a resource for our members.

How will you impact NC entrepreneurs?

My goal is to provide premier access to resources for entrepreneurs and those who support them.  I value the work they are doing and want them to find value in their partnership with us at CED. I will play a vital role in educating the business community about CED’s role in this ecosystem and how their investment supports our members. By maximizing support, CED will be able to support an even larger network of entrepreneurs across the phases of their growth.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends in the Triangle?

If it is sunny and warm, you can find me poolside or at a park with my son.  On chilly winter days,  we enjoy museums and other artsy activities, hot cocoa, and good movies. If we can catch a Hurricanes game, it has a been a great weekend!

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