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The Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) at CED is a team-based mentoring approach, developed by MIT and adapted to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and executives.  

CED'S VMS has an active mentor team of 80, and holds monthly meetings with up to 40-50 mentors in attendance who are ready to listen to pitches, and self-select into mentor groups of three to four members once they discover more about the entrepreneurial companies. The mentor team will then create a three to nine month mentoring plan that addresses major business challenges including: 

  • making key hires
  • finding new customers
  • developing channel partners
  • seeking licensing deals
  • perfecting pricing models
  • deciding when and how to fundraise, and more.

CED’s Venture Mentoring Service is a free resource that offers amazing consulting from some of the top executives in the community. Our volunteer mentors have given over 6700 hours of service to nearly 200 companies that have graduated through our program.

Hear directly from our VMS participants about their experiences:

CED is all about creating connections. Connections that result in opportunities to learn, to lead, to engage, to follow, to think, to create and to converse.” – Courtney Tellefsen, Founder of The Produce Box

“We needed a soundboard, mentors, and a time to reflect, which is what we’ve found at VMS.” – Morris Gelblum, CEO of Sweeps

Read the experience Johnathan Livolsi of Willow had in the CED VMS Program 

"CED’s VMS program is a great resource. For those companies lucky enough to get accepted into the program, you receive free consulting from some of the top executives in the community. What could be better than that!" Ken Romley

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Venture Mentoring Links 

  • Are you an entrepreneur seeking mentors? Click here for info and the application
  • Are you interested in being a mentor? Click here for more info and the appplcation
  • For active VMS Mentors, Access your VMS Mentor Meetings form here

Mentor Resources

Listen to the Supportedly Podcast with Stephanie Kissel as she Interviews Jay Bigelow on Developing Connections to Capital and Mentors. 

“The research will tell you that mentors will probably make the biggest difference in the success or failure of most entrepreneurs, so finding the right mentors for you and your business is probably the most important thing you can do to be successful.” – Jay Bigelow 

“This organization would go out of their way to line up high-power, accomplished people to spend time with me. It was kind of unreal, but it was very nice in the beginning to have that.” – Anil Chawla