CED Member Update: Blue Gas Marine and Dusky Marine Partner to Debut First Factory Designed Natural Gas Boat

January 2016—Blue Gas Marine, Inc. and Dusky Marine partner to introduce natural gas fuel options to the sport fishing boat market.  A Dusky Marine 252 featuring the award winning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel-system technology from Blue Gas Marine, Inc. powering its Suzuki outboard motor will be on display at the Miami International Boat Show, Pier 1/Slip 137 February 11-15th for sea trials.  This is the first factory built boat designed from the ground-up to seamlessly integrate the fuel system for the sport fishing market, while maximizing range.

“Dusky Marine has chosen to partner with Blue Gas Marine to facilitate bringing an eco-friendly natural gas hybrid power source to the sport fishing boat market.  With the ability to switch from gasoline to a natural gas energy source on the fly, our customers can have a fuel source that is both wallet and environmentally friendly while maintaining the convenience of traditional gasoline when necessary.  This hybrid system allows avid fisherman and boaters to significantly reduce their pollution output as well as their fueling costs, thereby allowing for more time on the water.  It’s a win all the way around.” Michael Brown, Vice President, Dusky Marine, said.

The Dusky 252 Open Fisherman is a center console and was designed for the serious offshore fisherman who wants to enjoy the confidence afforded by the sturdy and dependable Dusky hull.  The performance and economy of the 252 ensure maximized on-the-fish time.  The high, dry sides, roomy interior and smooth ride make the Dusky 252 an offshore favorite.  It is equipped with the Dusky Drive; a unique fiberglass outboard bracket with integrated swim/dive platform. The Dusky Drive improves maneuverability and stability to the boat while allowing a full transom for safety.  Customers can outfit the boat with a wide variety of equipment from an extensive options list.

The Blue Gas Marine Natural Gas Fuel system has accumulated accolades since its first debut to the market in 2014.  The technology holds the 2015 Top Product Award from Boating Industry and the 2015 IBEX Innovation Award.  This award winning technology is available on the market for boaters looking to outfit their existing boats and engines with the fuel system and also for those looking to add the system to new boat purchases.  Blue Gas Marine, Inc. can work with any boat manufacturer to add this system, such as Dusky Marine and others for new boats and most marine service centers for the retrofit of existing boats.

“We are excited to partner with such a great sport fishing boat manufacturer as Dusky Marine.  This Dusky 252 will make a great showboat throughout the 2016 boat show season.  We want everyone to come out and sea trial this boat and try the technology for themselves.  It’s seamless and meets our mission of allowing someone to boat more often by saving money in fuel and maintenance costs.  We have also developed the fueling side of our business over the last 12 months eliminating any hesitation regarding fuel availability. We are excited to see the results in 2016.”  Miguel Guerreiro, President & CEO Blue Gas Marine, Inc. said.

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