CED Member Update: Zenworkforce Announces Simplified Professional Reporting Tool

Zenworkforce Launches Simplified Tool for Employee Engagement Performance & Behavioral Reporting

WAKE FOREST, NC January 24th 2016– Companies work hard to hire the finest talent, correct poor performance and enrich their workforce; however, they face many challenges that until now, have remained unsolved. These challenges revolve around the ability to capture, process, analyze and act quickly upon employee data. Zenworkforce solves these challenges using a mobile application with a simplified user interface for managers to identify both positive and negative behaviors, review the data in real time, and notify the company of urgent issues in the workplace.

Documentation with the new application (available now on iOS and shortly on Android) is incredibly simple, literally seconds. With a few taps on a phone or tablet, managers are able to quickly document employee performance and behavior as well as send urgent SMS text messages about emergency situations. The data collection process is also able to collect photos, videos, and notes which are very useful for employee performance evaluations and as evidence in wrongful termination lawsuits.

Reporting on employee performance is also quick and easy, data is automatically organized into easy to use charts and reports directly inside the analytics dashboard. Use the ZenAPI to send data to any 3rd party software system.

“Having a fact-based time and date stamped journal gives executives peace of mind and confidence in lawsuit risk mitigation, many clients report that they are 10 times more confident that they’ll have the information they need should they be faced with a lawsuit. Zenworkforce is solving a variety of pains for customers but when it comes down to it we are giving time back to managers to spend time engaging with their employees, providing peace of mind to executives, encouraging managers to praise employees, and deliver a mechanism for real-time communication to keep business running smoothly” said – Cody Johnson, CEO Zenworkforce

Managing staff performance and behavior can be a big challenge. With Zenworkforce’s simplified user interface, easy access to real time data, and urgent SMS notifications, Companies are now able to gain greater efficiency than ever before by documenting and reporting in real time allowing them a level of proactivity never before possible.


For more information, to schedule an interview, or demo, please contact Luke Williams at luke@zenworkforce.com or by phone at 919-817-5953. www.zenworkforce.com

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