Strategic Spotlight: Brown Brothers Harriman

BBH Private Banking’s mission is to help private business owners and affluent families achieve their corporate and personal financial goals throughout the cycle of wealth creation, transition, preservation and growth. In each phase of the wealth cycle, we seek to earn our clients’ trust by not only providing valued and differentiated solutions – including Private Wealth Management, Private Equity and Corporate Advisory & Banking – but also by leveraging our intellectual capital.

Why does Brown Brothers Harriman support CED as a strategic partner?
Throughout our almost 200 year history as a private partnership, we have supported generations of business owners and understand the challenges they face. The commitment from CED to support business owners by bringing together providers of capital, education, and expertise ensures that promising companies will have every opportunity to succeed.

How does Brown Brothers Harriman help North Carolina entrepreneurs?
BBH has been helping NC entrepreneurs achieve their financial objectives for over twenty years. Whether seeking equity and debt capital to build and grow their businesses, advice on selling a company or transitioning it to future generations or private wealth management aimed at protecting and growing their wealth after they have generated liquidity from their businesses, our clients leverage the full scope of Private Banking and Brown Brothers Harriman.

What does Brown Brothers Harriman envision for the future of entrepreneurship?
At BBH, we are constantly amazed by the innovation we see from entrepreneurs and their businesses. We believe that talented entrepreneurs are going to continue to create terrific businesses in the near term and long term, and we look forward to partnering with many of them as they build successful companies and invest their wealth.


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