Strategic Partner Spotlight: Hutchison PLLC

Each month CED spotlights strategic partners that help to propel Triangle entrepreneurial companies onto the national stage as successful businesses. One of our June Strategic Partner Spotlights is Hutchison PLLC.

About Hutchison PLLC
Hutchison is a boutique law firm that represents emerging and growing technology, life sciences and healthcare services companies of all sizes from inception through exit, along with the investors that finance them.

Why does Hutchison PLLC support CED as a strategic partner? 
We support CED as a strategic partner because CED is the driving force in entrepreneurial development in the Research Triangle Park area as well as across North Carolina. CED continues to be a leader in driving the growth and development of emerging tech and life sciences companies. The information it provides and the programs it conducts for entrepreneurs and investors are essential for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our area.

How does Hutchison PLLC help North Carolina entrepreneurs? 
We are a boutique law firm that works with emerging tech, clean-tech and life sciences companies across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. We provide a variety of services including corporate, contract, licensing, venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, tax, employment and strategic transactions. Our clients range from early stage startups (whether from an incubator or accelerator or emerging from a lab at a University) to mid-size companies that have raised several rounds of financing to small public companies. Our goal is to be a strategic and valued advisor to our clients as they grow their companies to an eventual exit.    

What does Hutchison PLLC envision for the future of entrepreneurship? 
We believe entrepreneurship will continue to grow in this country and worldwide. It is clear that the future of this country very much depends on the growth of technology and healthcare products and services. Because the venture capitalists, angels and angel groups are willing to take risks to fund early stage companies, we believe the future has never been brighter for the growth of entrepreneurial companies in the United States.


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