Strategic Partner Spotlight: Gordon Asset Management

Each monthĀ CED spotlights aĀ strategic partnerĀ that helps toĀ propel Triangle entrepreneurial companies onto the nationalĀ stage asĀ successful businesses. This month’s Strategic Partner Spotlight isĀ Gordon Asset Management.

About Gordon Asset ManagementĀ 
Helping startups attract and retain great talent with an awesome 401(k) plan and other benefits as the core to get them and keep them.

Why doesĀ Gordon Asset ManagementĀ support CED as a strategic partner?
We believe all employees should have great benefits.

How does Gordon Asset Management help North Carolina entrepreneurs?
We help private companies and start-ups graduate to excellence.

What does Gordon Asset Management envision for the future of entrepreneurship?
Innovation is disruption and those thinking where the puck is going to be, always win!

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