Special CEO Event Recap: Exit Strategies Roundtable

On November 19, CED hosted a group of CEOs for an Exit Strategies Roundtable, continuing a series CED has done for 15 years. The roundtable event focused on the current market landscape, preparation for an exit, and individual considerations for CEOs. Representatives from U.S. Trust, Bank of America and EY flew in from across the U.S. to RTP to present on these topics.

Entrepreneurs who have gone through a successful exit were also invited to share their experiences. These featured entrepreneurs included Jud Bowman (Motricity, Appia), Sean O’Leary (StrikeIron), and Scot Wingo (ChannelAdvisor).

Local CEOs in attendance represented various companies including Bright Wolf, Dude Solutions, FotoSwipe, KnowledgeTree, MindSumo, Phononic, Riley Life Logistics, Spreedly, Stealz, Windsor Circle, and more.

Sean O’Leary, Interim Executive Director of NC Idea Foundation and featured entrepreneur, commented, “Events like this are crucial to the success of entrepreneurs in our area. Each of the CEOs are at a slightly different phase of growth, but everyone benefits from these shared perspectives on exit preparation. My exit story is different from Jud’s and Scot’s which is great for these entrepreneurs to hear as we can provide recommendations from our own unique paths. I hope our experiences resonated with the CEOs that were here tonight.”

“Our network shows its strength in these types of events where when can have the entrepreneurs who have just been through the exit experience share with those who are about to go through it. The ecosystem will be robust and self-sustaining when this next generation of entrepreneur has successful exits then reinvests back into the community,” said host of the event Jay Bigelow, CED Director of Entrepreneurship. “The insights and knowledge brought forth from the industry experts are critical as this region begins to compete on a global scale. This is a sign of the Triangle ‘growing up’. Clearly, the region has a lot to look forward to.”

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This event was made possible by the generosity of our sponsors U.S. Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management, EY, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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