Smashing Boxes Launches First Surf App for Apple Watch

Smashing Boxes announced today it will launch the first surfing app for the Apple Watch. Among the first apps to feed a market of 1.7 million surfers across North America, CRNT lets users view current surf conditions at a glance with the Apple Watch as well as on their iPhone or Android device.“The goal of CRNT is to do one thing and do it well: use current surf conditions to find the best waves on the beach,” said Raleigh Felton, Smashing Boxes’ Director of Design. The CRNT app pulls thousands of data points from NOAA buoys in North America, including prime breaks in Hawaii. The interface is sleek and uncluttered, letting the user seamlessly navigate through temperature, wind, and water metrics with just a tap of their finger and a swipe to their favorite surf locations. “The design of the data allows for the information to be fluid and forever­-changing,” Felton said. “Between the wind speed, direction, time of day and the tide graph, surfers will have a unique experience almost every time they check the app.”

The concept for CRNT was born of Felton’s lifelong love of surfing and frustration with browsing data­-heavy websites or calling up friends to find the best waves. Fueled by Smashing Labs, off-­the-­clock time dedicated to bold experimentation, Smashing Boxes founders Nick Jordan and Brian Fischer assembled an agile team of designers and mobile developers to help bring Felton’s app to life.

CRNT is scheduled to launch in April and will be available for Android, iOS and the Apple Watch. For more information, visit

For more information on Smashing Boxes, visit

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