CED Member David Chapin Publishes the ‘Definitive Book on Marketing’ for Life Science Industries


David Chapin, CEO of Forma Life Science Marketing, has published Making the Complex Compelling: Creating High-Performance Marketing in the Life Sciences. Making the Complex Compelling is designed for life science investors, researchers, and business development and sales executives who are eager to better engage their audiences and increase sales and margins. The book introduces readers to a clear, step-by-step process that helps organizations define their unique value, establish a strategic position, and clearly articulate the benefits of their product or service.

A scientist himself, Chapin applies his nearly 30 years of expertise to compare the psyche of scientists and marketers, who typically take very different approaches to communication. Key chapters cover the myth of marketing immunity, how marketing works (through a model called the Marketing Mechanism of Action), misalignment of sales and marketing, and the use of archetypes to enhance a brand story – all to demonstrate how effective marketing can change even the most skeptical attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Read more about the book here.

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