Effective Leadership in Crisis

In early March, seemingly an eternity ago, I visited a client’s office to catch up.  One of the firm’s senior leaders greeted me in the hallway with a smile and elbow bump. I wondered in the moment if I should do the same. Yet as I walked down the hall, out of habit, I shook […]

Making Connections that Count at Venture Connect Online

Networking. Meeting people. Seeing companies. Making connections.  This is what we heard from you, our attendees, partners, sponsors, and presenting companies, about what makes Venture Connect such a valuable experience.  So when it became clear that we could not safely hold our Summit as planned, the CED team immediately began working to reimagine a virtual […]

Make the Buying Process Better

Sometimes it’s not so easy to see when you’re in it, every day, running your business.. “Don’t make it difficult for people to buy from you.”  It’s a simple saying, but it’s profound and businesses do it all the time. “We would never do that”, you say, but let me ask you: Is your sign […]

Helping People, Adding Value

CED recently spoke with Jordan Stowe, Regional Director of CSC Leasing, to learn more about how he and CSC can add value to entrepreneurial companies looking for non-dilutive funding. Learn more about him and be sure to introduce yourself at our next CED event. In your words, can you give me a brief overview of […]

Be the envy at Venture Connect

CED has partnered-up with event experts at Zig Zibit to enhance this year’s Venture Connect experience across all areas of our Summit. From an interactive Connect Room featuring multiple Pitch Points throughout the space to enhanced partner booths that support a more functional networking environment for all attendees.  Zig Zibit is a homegrown company that […]

Fuel Growth Without Breaking What’s Working

One of the biggest challenges I see entrepreneurs face is fueling the growth of their business, without breaking their business.  The closing of iconic retailer Southern Season in my hometown of Chapel Hill is an example of what’s at stake. As of January 1, 2020, their enlarged flagship store and all other physical locations have […]