North Carolina Biotech Center Hiring a Lead Development Director

NCBiotech is seeking a Lead Development Director to own early-stage lead development for life science company recruitment and to work with economic development partners to promote North Carolina’s life science assets.

About NCBiotech

NCBiotech’s vision is North Carolina: a global life science leader. Our work develops the life science ecosystem in North Carolina, leading to better healthcare, faster diagnostics and more sustainable food production, all while, creating jobs right here in our state. This economic transformation is why the General Assembly has funded us for three decades, and continues its commitment today.

NCBiotech’s Team

We are a team of about 70, mostly working in RTP, but across North Carolina from offices in Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greenville and Wilmington. We are all expert in some aspect of life science research, or financing, or policy. We also bring our experience in supporting roles such as market research, communications, accounting, and meeting planning to contribute to the growth of this significant sector in North Carolina. 

We are not a startup but we think like one. We are not a widespread multinational company, but we cast a long shadow. We are not a research lab but we know what it takes to move ideas forward.

We know our science, our data and high finance. We connect to our communities, our state and our world. We act, every day, to transform life science and North Carolina.

Job Overview

In life science economic development, our sales cycle can stretch for several years as contacts go from leads to prospects to projects. Because of the long timeline and the size of the investment, strong relationships early on significantly increase success.

The Lead Development Director will run these early engagement efforts for the NCBiotech team. This involves working with in-house experts in market research and specific life science sectors. Once you understand the opportunity, you’ll narrow a broad list of potential target companies, initiate communication with them, and create opportunities to strengthen the relationship. Ultimately, you’ll increase our engagement with a few dozen companies as they move toward a full-fledged project. 

This is a new position with plenty of opportunity to mold your day-to-day activities. You will work closely with NCBiotech’s Corporate Communications and Bioscience Industrial Development teams, as well as with multiple internal partners. This person also closely engages with NCBiotech’s many economic development partners to coordinate prospect development, and to strategize events and activities to improve lead development. 

The right candidate is well-versed in marketing tactics yet knows decisions are often based on personal relationships. S/he has excellent communications and relationship-building skills with all levels of professionals and executives, including a board of directors. 

Because this position will often be a company’s first interaction with North Carolina, we are looking for someone who conveys enthusiasm about the state and its life science resources. Specific experience in the life science isn’t required, and you will have a strong team of science and business experts to guide your activities. However, you should be excited about the potential of this sector and willing to develop a broad understanding of the challenges specific to life sciences.

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