Valuation – Art not Science | Part II

In my last article I discussed the idea that Valuation isn’t Everything, though it is still an important piece of any fundraise (even for the ever popular convertible notes, where valuation caps triangulate as a pseudo proxy for today’s value).  While it will be a negotiation with any investor, having as much analysis and confidence […]

Valuation isn’t Everything

I was in South Carolina recently attending VentureSouth’s annual Summit when managing director Matt Dunbar, speaking to the crowd about valuation, said a phrase that I have heard repeated frequently throughout my career in finance as it relates to dealmaking:  You can choose the valuation as long as I can choose the rest (specifically, structure).   […]

Investor Thoughts on North Carolina

As part of our daily routine, we are in direct communication with investors of all shapes and sizes.  From angel to growth equity, financial to strategic, from New York to California, one thing is abundantly clear – North Carolina is on the radar and will continue to be for more and more funds.

Three Important Questions an Entrepreneur should Ask an Investor

When capital raising, it is easy and natural to be myopic, focusing only on the quickest way to secure a specific amount of money needed to move a business forward, or potentially, keep it up and running.  However, having a relative amount of patience and understanding the importance of screening an investor on their partnership merits as diligently as that same investor screens entrepreneurs on their investment merits are paramount.