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A partnership with CED expands your support network exponentially. We help you navigate the resources, whether it be capital, people or knowledge you seek. Making sure you connect with the right resources at the right time. We recognize that entrepreneurial companies come in all shapes and sizes. So, we take the time to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow, as the first step. Then we recommend a support path that will help you get there. 

Our Process

Step One:  Partnership Discovery.
We want to get to know you, your company and the support you are seeking.  Equally, we want you to get to know us, our areas of support, and how we can best support you. This is the single most important step in our process. The information exchanged will drive how you engage in the CED Network and your path for support.

Step Two:  Connect with the Entrepreneurial Support Team.
Every company receives an introductory evaluation that covers current business health, capital needs and fundraising plans (if applicable), along with a recommended support path at no cost to you. We take the time to review our recommendations that will guide you during this time of rapid growth. CED knows that your company is unique, which is why we believe a path for support that is easy to navigate is absolutely critical. 

Step Three: Commit to the plan and propel your business forward.
CED has three paths of support depending on timing and readiness. A recommended path is determined at the completion of step two, then presented to you for final consideration. To provide ongoing support, CED will assign a customer support specialist to follow you and help you meet your goals along the way.  We understand that companies grow at different speeds, so making sure you receive the right support at the right time is our ultimate goal.

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