Partner Spotlight: Q&A with CSC Leasing

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Jordan Stowe, Director at CSC Leasing Company. Here’s what he told us about the company and its vital role in equipment leasing in early-stage innovations.

Can you explain how CSC’s services differ within the equipment leasing industry?

At CSC, we focus on catering to an underserved segment of the market: early-stage startups and emerging technology companies. These businesses often struggle to access traditional financing options due to their innovative nature and lack of established credit history. We step in to offer financing and equipment leasing solutions, allowing them to acquire essential equipment without compromising their equity.

Our goal is to help these startups preserve their equity. Because we offer an alternative financing route, they can often avoid selling portions of their company or relying too heavily on venture debt. We want to enable our clients to channel their capital into critical areas, such as talent acquisition, intellectual property expansion, or enhancing their technical capabilities, rather than investing so much of their money into depreciating assets.

We pride ourselves on combining trusted financial expertise with the personal touch and care of a family-owned business. We ensure direct, hands-on relationships with our clients, and we maintain continuity and provide personalized service throughout the entire process.

Your mission and vision focus on providing trusted financial expertise with the transparency, speed, and service of a family-owned business. Tell us more about that.

Since we were founded in 1986, we’ve focused solely on equipment financing, and we understand the challenges startups and small businesses face. While we’ve experienced a great deal of growth over the last decade, we’ve remained a family business.

Every one of our clients is different, facing unique situations, and we have the flexibility to offer custom solutions that meet each company’s specific needs. We don’t let bureaucracy and red tape prevent us from helping innovative companies launch and grow. That’s why we can often say “Yes” when other investors and banks say “No.”

What’s the biggest value-add for CSC to partner with CED?

Organizations, such as CED, bridge the gap between innovative startups and the financial resources, such as CSC, they need for growth. 

Those connections are important because we see ourselves as part of a collective effort to address critical global issues. Each startup we work with aims to solve significant problems in various sectors, such as biotech or agtech. We’re part of their journey and contributing to positive change, even if we’re working behind the scenes.

Looking ahead, what can we expect from CSC in the coming months?

At CSC, we’re following the innovation that is happening across current and emerging markets, and we are here to support the businesses that are working to solve the world’s biggest problems. We’ll continue to provide essential resources and guidance because we want these companies to know that equipment leasing can be a vital part of their capital stack.

Ultimately, we’ll be a resource for companies who are moving a million miles an hour and may not be aware of us or how they can use this capital to launch, grow, and scale their companies.

Thank you for your time, Jordan! We appreciate your partnership and look forward to seeing what the years ahead bring for CSC Leasing! If anyone would like more information about CSC, please reach out to us at CED and we will connect you with Jordan. 

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