startup talent and training (tnt) associate program

CED has made a commitment to invest in the next wave of talent seeking roles at premier, high growth startups in the Triangle. The CED Alumni group of former associates, contract and full-time employees are deeply rooted across the startup ecosystem and continue to contribute to growing startups in our region. They share their stories on how they got their first job at a CED event, or met their co-founder through mutual connection to the organization. This can be a part of your story, too.

You will learn how startups tick, what they need to survive and the functional areas of a business. You will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in school to the daily operations of a fast-paced non-profit organization operating in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Moving to a new region and immersing myself in the Triangle’s innovation ecosystem was daunting but incredibly rewarding, providing unique perspectives and growth opportunities.”

– Shaan Yadav, Startup TNT, Fall 2023

12 Weeks | 5 Associate Types | Hands-on entrepreneurial experience

Startup TNT is a 12-week program for 10 hours per week. You will have the opportunity to work directly with our team members and gain valuable insights from their expertise. You should also have a demonstrated interest in startups and entrepreneurship.

“The Startup TNT Internship has, without a doubt, been instrumental to my growth and understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation. During my time working for CED, I have gained hands-on experience in how to start, grow, and support a budding business; I have also gained a deep appreciation for the Research Triangle as a collaborative, tightly-knit community of inspired entrepreneurs.”

– Lhamo Dixey, Startup TNT, Fall 2023

what to expect

We offer 5 associate types under the Startup TNT program – Rotational, Finance/Sales, Marketing, GRO Incubator, and Customer Experience. We also have a 6th associate who has gone through one of these programs a previous semester and has come back as Lead Associate. CED is a hybrid team and we prioritize in-person hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we are all in the office. We ask that you are available 10 hours per week on a hybrid on-site/remote basis, with T/Th being prioritized.

get involved

CED currently has a partnership with Duke University but plans to expand this program to other schools. If you are interested in making a donation to scale this program, you can reach out to Kelly Rowell,, or make a donation online.

This internship program works on a term-by-term basis (fall, spring, and summer). Interested student applicants should reach out to Elaina Bade,, to learn how to apply.

Read about the inaugural cohort with Duke University here.

meet our Startup TNT Associates (past and present)

John Buxton

Spring 2024, Fall 2024

Duke University

Lhamo Dixey

Fall 2023

Duke University

Jenna Houchins

Fall 2023, Spring 2024

Duke University

Jarrett Mansergh

Fall 2023

Duke University

Emma Martinez-Morison

Spring 2024

Duke University

Shaan Yadav

Fall 2023

Duke University