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It’s not just one thing that makes a great presentation, it’s a combination of things. Every component, from your slide deck, story and your style is onstage when you deliver a pitch, so you need to be ready.

CED has been scrubbing pitches for decades, so we know what works and what doesn’t. You can expect direct feedback that will take your pitch to the next level. We won’t do the work for you, but if you need polishing we will connect you to people who can help. Utilizing the CED Network, we engage expert scrubbers to facilitate these sessions. Our sources include, investors, marketing professionals, executives and coaches.

When you partner with CED, you have the opportunity to perfect your pitch over time and take advantage of unlimited scrubs throughout your partnership. We are committed to this process and believe that it is critical to success, so we offer complimentary pitch scrubs to companies, even before you become a partner.

Scrubbing is our jam

We take your pitch seriously because of the impact it has on your success. 


scrub sessions conducted


Volunteer scrub hours


Presentations perfected

The pitch scrub was a fantastic exercise and I really appreciate everyone, including your invited community members, taking the time to work with me on my deck.  I received a lot of great feedback and look forward to iterating on the deck and continuing to grow Sunder’s relationship with CED and the local community.

Mark Cannon // CEO// Sunder Networks

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