CourtRoom5 Slaying in more than just the Courtroom

CourtRoom5 has been causing quite a buzz in the Triangle due to some recent awards and acceptances. Most recently CourtRoom5 participated in Google for Startups: Black Founders Exchange and won the grand prize out of 11 early-stage black-led startups. Before then, CourtRoom5 took home the grand prize for Duke Law Tech Lab’s Demo Day. And to top it off, they were selected for the fourth cohort for the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator

Entrepreneurial Support 

CED first came to support CourtRoom5 through their involvement in our Venture Mentoring Service Program (VMS), a free, group mentoring program run by CED. Sonja surrounded herself with a mentoring group focused on the success of her company. Since her participation in the VMS program, CourtRoom5 has been meeting with her mentors on a monthly basis for the last 9 months. Sonja has also taken part in all of the educational series that CED offers to its partners including Story for Startups, Raising the Dough and Accelerate Series. 

Civil litigation cases often require multiple courthouse trips, but CourtRoom5 helps you craft a strategy to help guide your litigation journey. For small-claims cases, 99% of petitioners are self-represented but lack the proper background to properly defend themselves in a court of law. CourtRoom5 helps individuals represent themselves in court by allowing them to craft a strategy that leads to the optimal ending. Their AI component prompts users with relevant resources as they develop their courtroom strategy. 

Co-founders Sonja Ebron and Debra Slone kick butt in the courtroom and want other pro se litigants to have the same power. They want to empower individuals to have the confidence to defend themselves and not feel alone through their journey. 

Mentor Services

CED is proud to support CourtRoom5 through an ongoing partnership and through our VMS Program. CourtRoom5 is a prime example of how a team of mentors can help you grow your business. If your business could benefit from a mentor, the Council for Entrepreneurial Development can help. Learn more about our VMS program today and how we can help accelerate your business growth. 

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