Ursula Mead


Ursula Mead

Founder & CEO
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Why did you start your business in North Carolina?

We actually started InHerSight in the DC area, but after we raised our first Seed round we started looking for the right ecosystem to grow in. We had a number of criteria: We wanted to be in reasonable proximity to DC since we have investors there, it had to be a tech hub with access to top talent, we wanted a low cost of living and operating to put as much into the business as possible, and we wanted it to reflect our values as a team and company, specifically our values of diversity and inclusion. American Underground in Durham turned out to be the perfect fit.

What is the best part about running your business in your community?

One of the things we love about American Underground@Main is that we're surrounding by so many people who are experiencing many of the same highs, lows, challenges, and opportunities as we are, so there's a lot of opportunity to support one another and share our learnings. Some of our most exciting business breakthroughs this year have been a result of collaborating with other entrepreneurs in the building. 

What do you believe your North Carolina community has that other startup hubs can’t offer?

American Underground's focus on diversity is incredibly special, and is a perfect fit with our mission at InHerSight to improve gender equality at work. With nearly 50% founders who are underrepresented minorities and women, the community really stands out for the new model it's presenting of what success and entrepreneurship really look like. 

In 3 words, how would you describe the entrepreneurial culture in NC?

Diverse. Motivated. Community-minded.

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