Terrence Wells


Terrence Wells

Head of Development and Co-Founder
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Why did you start your business in North Carolina?

I decided to start my business in North Carolina because I have a special connection to North Carolina and my hometown, Apex. Growing up here I’ve seen the population grow along with the economic opportunities. As a child I decided that I wanted to be able to make an impact economically but I didn’t know how. In college I was able to grow the right combination of skills, and I was able to join up with a group of people who allowed me to fulfill my childhood dream.     

What is the best part about running your business in your community?

I am located in Apex, NC and the best part of running my business here is the wealth of small local businesses. One of the foundations of my business is serving the underserved small business market with quality technology solutions. There are a lot of opportunities to do that in Apex and I couldn’t be more excited about having the opportunity to create value for local small businesses.

What do you believe your North Carolina community has that other startup hubs can’t offer?

I believe Apex provides a family-oriented environment that no other start up hub can offer. As Money Magazine’s 2015 Best Place to Live, Apex is a growing area and is attracting young families from across the country. The quality and level of growth provides economic opportunity that is unique to Apex. As someone who has grown up in this area, hopefully, I can provide value for the businesses that are trying to serve our growing community.

In 3 words, how would you describe the entrepreneurial culture in NC?

Interpersonal ∙ Expanding ∙ Resolute

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