Michael Laut


Michael Laut

President & Creative Director
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Why did you start your business in North Carolina?

I started Laut Design out of my apartment while attending the North Carolina State College of Design. The success that I had connecting with design-centric thinkers and business decision makers that DO instead of just TALK was all of the convincing I needed to make North Carolina the home of Laut Design. 

What is the best part about running your business in your community?

Laut Design is purposely located between downtown Raleigh and RTP. Our creative work is split fairly evenly into “under the hood” and customer-facing design. RTP is where our tech clients work, and downtown is where our local start-ups, inventors, and service-based businesses live. The best part about Laut Design’s location is that it is a quick trip to either RTP or downtown Raleigh. The community we work with allows us to learn from a variety of industries and apply solutions, offer ideas, and share knowledge.

What do you believe your North Carolina community has that other startup hubs can’t offer?

North Carolina, and Raleigh specifically, has a mature attitude toward product and brand development but also remains experimental. The great variety of big, medium, and small businesses around means many of our clients develop their ideas through resources available locally. Many other tech hubs and spaces are full of “wantrepreneurs” who talk a lot about what they’re going to do. The Triangle is different; we get things done. 

In 3 words, how would you describe the entrepreneurial culture in NC?

Intrepid. Authentic. Humble. 

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