Strategic Partner Spotlight: RBC Bank

Each month CED spotlights strategic partners that help to propel Triangle entrepreneurial companies onto the national stage as successful businesses. One of our October Strategic Partner Spotlights is RBC Bank.

About RBC Bank

RBC Bank is an online, digital bank, based in Raleigh, NC, which meets the needs of Canadians who live, travel, and shop in the U.S. through traditional banking products such as U.S.- based checking and money market accounts, credit cards, and mortgages as well as through “beyond banking” services– non-traditional banking services targeted at its niche cross-border segment.

Why does RBC Bank support CED as a strategic partner? 

RBC Bank is proud of its digital roots in Raleigh, NC and is excited to have recently partnered with the North Carolina-based Council for Entrepreneurial Development. Richard White, RBC Bank’s Head of Technology, describes the relationship as “a win-win arrangement given CED’s extensive network of young and up-and-coming companies across North Carolina and RBC Bank’s desire to extend its cross-border digital services beyond banking. The CED immediately helped us expand our external network outreach and provide a means to give back to the area for new product development and partnerships.”

How does RBC Bank help North Carolina entrepreneurs? 

RBC has a rich history of strategic partnerships and investments to drive client value. The Research Triangle Park (RTP) continues to produce great technology as well as engineering talent and products that are cross-industry with a sustaining and repeating track record of successful company launches at scale.  We envision opening our innovation lab to allow young companies to test, validate and prove product concepts by deploying them on top of our digital platform and enriching product validation through our experience with product launches at scale. 

What does RBC Bank envision for the future of entrepreneurship?

Cross-industry capabilities are changing and maturing at a rapid pace. Through the CED, we aim to help promote change adoption and position North Carolina and RTP as a model for launching new businesses and products through joint ventures and collaboration.

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