Strategic Partner Spotlight: LaunchUNCG

Each month CED spotlights strategic partners that are fueling tomorrow’s success stories by investing in today’s ecosystem. One of our July Strategic Partner Spotlights is LaunchUNCG.

About LaunchUNCG

LaunchUNCG is the umbrella initiative housing the NC Entrepreneurship Center, Innovation Partnership Services Office, and Greensboro NSF I-Corps program at UNC Greensboro. Leveraging our vast array of resources and expertise, we help empower the UNC Greensboro community to turn their vision into reality. LaunchUNCG further serves as the portal for regional organizations to take advantage of the world-class expertise housed in our laboratories, classrooms and offices on campus. 

Why does LaunchUNCG support CED as a Strategic Partner?

LaunchUNCG serves as the portal for regional organizations, be it global companies, startups, nonprofits or others, to connect with the world-class personnel and resources we have at UNC Greensboro. 

How does LaunchUNCG help North Carolina entrepreneurs? 

As a world-class regional university, UNC Greensboro is educating future leaders while developing cutting-edge solutions to global problems. LaunchUNCG is helping to grow entrepreneurs on campus, while also leveraging the people and resources we have to help regional entrepreneurs expand their impact. 

What does LaunchUNCG envision for the future of entrepreneurship?

LaunchUNCG believes that entrepreneurism is a necessary component of every individual in every organization. Though not everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur, the mindset and perspective these visionary problem solvers possess is vital to shaping the world for the better. 


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