Startup Spotlight – Chekhub

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development supports the creation and growth of North Carolina companies like previously featured GEARO and Toggle Book Factory. Next in CEDs ongoing series of entrepreneurial startups, we are proud to feature Raleigh-based startup Chekhub. 

Chekhub is an easy-to-use platform available on a desktop or mobile app, that empowers users to get more done. The  Chekhub platform provides all the tools necessary to create, perform, and complete tasks with absolute clarity and accuracy.

What is Chekhub going to solve for companies?

The Chekhub platform is empowering companies and their operations teams to get work done efficiently and effectively by answering the following critical questions:

  1. Where is the work being done? — Assets & Locations
  2. When is the work being done? — Scheduling 
  3. Who is going to do the work? — Teams & People
  4. What work needs to be done? — Digital Checklists

By precisely answering these questions, our platform provides clarity and accountability to the entire team. When there are gaps in operations this results in problematic inefficiencies. Specific gaps could look like a lack of clarity around work to be performed, unclear communication methods, and scheduling conflicts.

Our platform helps fill these gaps by empowering operations teams with a platform that has speed, efficiency, the ability to scale, detailed reporting capabilities, and location-based tracking.

How can CED and the NC Regional Startup Ecosystem help Chekhub?

CED and the startup ecosystem can help Chekhub in a few ways. We would like to be part of the ecosystem and help all of us grow.

First, since we are a new startup in the area helping us get our name out in the community is integral to building our brand awareness.  Second, we would like to be introduced to potential investors that are looking to invest with high-growth companies in the area. Finally, we would like to get connected with other start-ups in the southeast that have scaled B2B SaaS based businesses. Learning from their scaling lessons will help us grow even faster while maintaining our high level of effectiveness.

Tell us about the Checkhub team.

Our CEO and Founder, Jon Trout, went into the navy out of High School and spent 6 years in the service.  Upon finishing his service he moved to the Bay Area to begin his career in the startup world.  He worked in his first startup Trendpoint where he was the CTO.  Trendpoint had a successful exit to Schneider Electric. After Treadpoint Jon founded BitBox USA and EdgePoint Systems. Bitbox’s customers included Google Fiber, YouTube TV, and Uber.  Because of the work with Google Fiber Jon was introduced to the Raleigh Durham Area.  Bitbox was sold to Compass Datacenters in 2017 and he continued as CEO until January 2020.  Jon and his family moved to the RDU Area in 2018 because he felt there was something special about the startup landscape in the triangle. He founded Chekhub in March of 2020 in Raleigh.

Our team is diverse, fun, and talented. Other key members of the team include our President – Sanjay Patel, CTO – Ajay Nagar, VP of Product Experience – Anthony Consoli, VP of Infrastructure – Allan Thompson, Director of Marketing and Sales – Ashley Thomas, and  Director of Customer Success – Christine Sharma. Like Jon, we are committed to the startup ecosystem in the Triangle and believe in the next 5+ years we will all witness significant growth and interest in our area.

What is your company’s next milestone?

At Chekhub we are focused on scaling with purpose, meeting with interested investors, and increasing the sales of our platform. Our next milestone is to add customers across our five verticals (Service companies, Data Centers, Healthcare, Telecom, and Property Management), grow our ARR, and demonstrate additional revenue streams in 2021.

Visit to learn how to make your team more effective and efficient. If you’re interested in learning more about how CED can help grow your business by joining our partnership program then read about getting support here.

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