Seniors Adopt Technology Built for Them: K4Connect’s Flagship Product Sees Continued Growth

RALEIGH, N.C. – MAY 22, 2018 – K4Connect, a mission-centered technology company that creates solutions that serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, and those who support them, today announced that its flagship connected-life solution, K4Community, designed specifically for the residents and operators of senior living communities, has managed over 2 million unique Home Automation/Internet of Things (IoT) interactions. Through these interactions, older adults in senior communities are living safer, more independent and comfortable lives through the automation provided by smart home devices. 

The more than 2 million IoT interactions are from two distinct categories: responsive (nearly 1.2 million) and digital (over 1 million). “Responsive IoT interactions” occur automatically, helping to make life simpler and safer for residents through motion or time triggered lighting and temperature adjustments. In addition, these interactions allow community staff to potentially identify possible safety issues, such as alerting staff to preventative maintenance opportunities. The “digital interactions” are initiated by residents who are specifically using the K4Community mobile (smartphone or tablet) application. Digital interactions are proof that older adults will use technology that is designed for them, as they occur when a resident adjusts their thermostat or turns on their lights via their mobile device (tablet or phone). 

These environmental-focused devices are just the beginning in terms of smart home automation for senior living. More and more K4Community customers are looking to expand smart building technology to include home access controls, smart ceiling fans, smart blinds, and various building monitoring sensors such as water leak detection. 

“We’re continuing to see increased adoption of K4Community and the acceptance of IoT technology at senior living communities around the country,” said Jonathan Gould, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at K4Connect. “The growing number of interactions with our IoT solution is a true testament to how much older adults really do enjoy using technology – technology that is built specifically for them – which is helping them lead more independent lives. While home automation devices are a convenience or even novelty for some, for those we serve, these capabilities are of true value.”

K4Community integrates smart home automation, health and wellness devices and social engagement features into one easy to use system for older adults. The solution effectively enables senior living residents to manage multiple aspects of their lives while providing community staff and operators with communication, management and analytics tools that enable the best in care and hospitality.

The development of K4Community is an ongoing process that includes research in senior living communities, partnerships with device manufacturers and continuous improvement based upon direct feedback from older adults and operators. Currently, K4Community is being used by thousands of independent and assisted living residents, staff, and operators around the country and is one of the fastest growing solutions in the emerging senior technology industry. 

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