Phononic Disrupts Conventional Refrigeration at the PNC Arena with Solid State Technology

October 23, 2017–DURHAM, N.C.– Phononic, the company revolutionizing cooling and heating with solid-state technology, today announced the deployment of its high-performance, compressor-free refrigerators at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. Leveraging the same solid-state technology that powers Phononic’s life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical cold storage solutions, Phononic’s food and beverage refrigerators will offer PNC Arena cost-effective, sustainable cooling without a compressor. The premier sports and entertainment venue is an ideal location to showcase this groundbreaking and innovative approach to cooling.

Phononic’s food and beverage refrigerators are designed to increase storage capacity, temperature control and reliability. To enhance the experience of loge box visitors, the install of Phononic’s refrigeration technology offers PNC Arena an aesthetically modern solution that holds 30 percent more inventory. The compressor-free refrigerators also improve operations for PNC Arena through lower maintenance costs, increased reliability and installation options that maximize shelf and floor space. Phononic’s deployment of its refrigeration technology in the arena environment, where beverage and food cooling are essential to successful operations, marks the continued advancements of solid-state refrigeration across the conventional refrigeration market.

“Phononic is taking a different approach to cooling. The decision to install Phononic’s refrigerators in our loge boxes was a wonderful way for our team to work with a global technology innovator,” said Don Waddell, President of Gale Force Sports & Entertainment at PNC Arena. “In addition, our guests will have convenient access to a reliable, consistently cold, modern refrigeration that enhances the overall experience.”

“The installation with PNC Arena further proves that solid-state refrigeration solutions are primed to disrupt conventional refrigeration markets,” said Tony Atti, CEO at Phononic. “We are excited to provide partners like PNC Arena with the ability to increase beverage capacity and lower ongoing cost of ownership and maintenance using a sustainable platform that leverages the fundamental strengths of our solid-state approach. As the food and beverage industry rethinks cooling strategies, Phononic is well-positioned to provide the industry with a game-changing solution.”

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