Mixing Culture and Talent to Ensure the Success of your Startup

What’s different about today’s job market? People have choices. And those choices are very accessible (enter social media, job posting sites, referral apps, etc.). Prospective employees also know they should negotiate. With even just a little bit of research, they are more prepared asking for specific wants and needs in their new role.

So what does that mean for the employer? You are going to have to compete for good talent, and if you want to keep them, you will need to do even more!

Teams with High-Quality Conflict

Knowing who you are as a company allows teams to handle conflict in a different way than most.  If you are mission-driven and hire people who believe in that mission, you will be able to work through problems with a common goal. Intersection #1 — Hire people for fit, assuming that the skills are there and the rest can be taught over time.

Tone and Truth-telling

Set the right tone for the company in the beginning. Knowing who you are is one thing, what is more, is making sure it shows up in everything that you do.  By setting the tone, you allow that “common goal” to stay visible, especially during periods of rapid growth.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk. Be a transparent leader and support the people who are dedicated to helping you grow your business.  Put emphasis on truth-telling. Employees cannot be successful if they don’t know how they are doing. Communicate performance and missed expectations directly, clearly and with kindness. This will not only increase productivity, but it will also help you retain your best talent.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Want to hear more about this topic?  Join Joy Clark and Amy Rice at CED’s Accelerate Series to learn more about Recruiting and Retaining talent in your start-up.  Joy and Amy have a combined 35 years experience in people ops in start-ups and corporate environments across high-tech and life sciences.  They will be leading two interactive sessions on Wednesday, June 26th. You won’t want to miss it.

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