Make the Buying Process Better

Sometimes it’s not so easy to see when you’re in it, every day, running your business..

“Don’t make it difficult for people to buy from you.” 

It’s a simple saying, but it’s profound and businesses do it all the time.

“We would never do that”, you say, but let me ask you:

  • Is your sign up process too complicated?
  • Are the next steps clear?
  • Are you asking for too much information upfront?
  • Is it simple to pay you?

You have to remove as much friction as you can. Make it easy.

Let’s look at this from a digital perspective.

You’ve got a good looking website, great content, and maybe even case studies. You see all this traffic coming to your site, but you’re not collecting the leads you think you should be.

Why isn’t my site getting me the leads I want?

Most sites have “made it difficult to buy” from them, and don’t listen or even engage with the visitor.

If you’re waiting for a website visitor to fill out your “contact us” form or worse pick up the phone to reach you, you’re making it difficult for that person to do business with you. 

Put yourself in the visitors shoes, they have no idea if anyone is going to get back to them after they give all of their information to a form. And picking up the phone is a big commitment today and this also assumes it’s during your business hours. 

There’s a better way!  Use automated chat to engage with your visitors.

Live chat is not new, but we’ve all waited on live chats for replies that never come. And for small to medium-sized businesses, we don’t have the time nor manpower to always be on call to live chat.

That’s why we created Ellie, an automated chat for your site, that allows you to engage with visitors how they want to be in order to meet them where they are. This has to be done automatically and autonomously so that you are not sitting, waiting, listening, and expected to reply in the next few seconds.

Imagine, if at the right moment, you could automatically start a chat with every visitor on your site, engage them, understand what they want, and then recommend they have a call, schedule a demo, or leave you their information. All automatically.

This is what visitors expect now. Visitors don’t want to read through a ton of site content, they’re ready to tell you what they want, just ask them.

Treat your visitors how they want to be treated.

Conversations are the future of customer engagement. By better listening and understanding your website visitors you will stand out from the crowd of most websites “doing all of the talking.” You have to understand the customer’s problem and solve it with your solution which can only be done by listening. 

It’s back to the classic doctor analogy: You would be very concerned if you went to the doctor and before you could tell them what was wrong, they offered you a treatment. Instead you want your problem to be diagnosed and an appropriate and personalized solution be prescribed. Sales people have clung to this principle but we easily forget this when we consider how our websites interact with our visitors. 

Ellie allows you to listen to and convert your visitors. Through Ellie’s automated chat, you can engage every single visitor in a conversion focussed conversation to turn them into a lead. 

Is your site conversational? If you’re ready – join us on to setup an automated chat you can add to your website!

Authored by Matt Cimino, founder of Ellie and CED Partner.

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