GRO6 – CED’s Incubator is GRO-ing Eight New Companies!

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and innovation in our region, we continue to see companies and founders with new ideas that push the boundaries of what’s doable. CED’s mission has always been to support founders, and we are excited to be doing so with our latest GRO6 cohort, featuring eight new companies! 

There are many reasons to keep your eye on this cohort & to support them in their mission. Above all, all the founders and their teams are enthusiastic, eager to learn, and ready to validate their ideas. 

Less than one month in, we are already off to the races with our sixth cohort. Participants have heard from successful entrepreneurs in our ecosystem and subject matter experts on topics ranging from conducting effective customer discovery, to how to get first customers and early adopters, who will be power users and champion their product. Here is a little more about our eight companies: 

Alles IoT: Is working on bringing innovation (by ways of Software) to modernize the AgTech industry

Carpool School: Is a mission-driven company and is working to simplify the carpooling process at schools, therefore helping remove unnecessary cars from the road 

DiffQ: Is in the EdTech space and is working on providing administrators with the data they need to improve student learning outcomes

EMF Disturbance Monitors: Is a medical device and diagnostic platform that is working to improve imaging in patients who present obesity and/or significant swelling of tissue. 

Kimia Bazaar: Is working on creating a platform to sell specialty chemicals to scientists and researchers in academia, with the goal of being more accessible to emerging startups

Organic Rankings: Is working on improving SEO issues with company websites to increase website rankings

Teach Base: Is also working to revolutionize the planning tools that are available to teachers. Teach Base is working to create one, seamless platform that will allow teachers to manage, plan and deliver lessons with less friction

TickerZone: is a FinTech company, aiming to encourage investors (in the general population) to set and achieve their trading goals. 

This was just a little teaser about each company. We are excited to see them develop their ideas over the next three months, as they conduct customer discovery interviews and refine their offerings. Our eight companies will share their learnings and progress with us at Demo Day, happening in November – stay tuned for more information and invitations! 

So, what’s next? Over the next eight weeks, we will continue to provide education that will be helpful both in the immediate term and near future, as our founders work towards building their companies. We will also start preparing our founders for Demo Day, ensuring that they can tell a compelling story, and have a visually appealing pitch deck, along with a clear ask for the audience. The goal is to equip our founders and fill their metaphorical toolboxes with the knowledge they will need during the growth stage of their companies. 

We can’t wait to see where our companies will go in the next two months! Keep an eye out for invitations to Demo Day for GRO6 where you, too, will be able to see their progress!

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