Company Q&A with HaystackCRM

Did you meet HaystackCRM at CED Tech Venture Conference 2017? Here is a recent Q&A providing a company update:

407 Parkway Ave #F, Greensboro, NC 27401 
CEO: Keir Davis 
Number of employees: 6 
Link to CED Tech Venture Company Profile: /company-profile/haystackcrm

What is the focus of your business? 
HaystackCRM has a focus on providing mobile tools in conjunction with a cloud-based web platform that best meets the CRM needs of small-to-medium sized business owners. 

What is the top pain point/business application you are seeking to address?
We are dedicated to developing a mobile app for a CEM that is full featured and easy to use to provide a mobile business tool. Our goal is to reduce the workload of a sales team by providing a platform to enter data in the moment, quickly and easily. Also, we set up HaystackCRM to focus on a customer relationship instead of only a pipeline view to continue to build the connection.

What makes it unique?
HaystackCRM was created as a mobile app first, but before the website, and takes advantage of mobile framework to create a business tool to take anywhere. Mobile first design disrupts the typical CRM layout by providing interactibe navigation to view records instead of a spreadsheet format. We have given the CRM flexibility of adding multiple records to a contact, including quotes, so the interactions grow. 

Why should investors be interested in your firm?
Our company has a product that is currently being used by customers and is strongly differentiated as a mobile tool. 

How are you financed at this point?
HaystackCRM is self-financed with approximately $575,000. 

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