Accelerate Series – That’s a Wrap

The first Accelerate Series by CED wrapped up last week. We enjoyed the learning experiences with the entrepreneurial community and we are excited to plan the next series. If you missed the Accelerate Series last week, or are ready for more, make sure to sign-up to receive our newsletter to stay in the loop for updates on the next session.

Check out what some of our attendees are saying about their learning experience:

“I don’t have a sales and marketing background, and being in a start-up you find you have to wear a lot of hats. The session on Monday, Sales, and Marketing, really helped me think through what it means to market my product, all the way through pitching, sales, and to how you start the phone call. The session on recruiting helped us to define our company culture, and how that weaves into the recruiting process. I think the presenters did a great job of teeing up of the idea of how to recruit people by laying a foundation for creating, understanding, and defining what your organization’s values really are before you start the recruiting process because it should be woven into how you select your candidates. All of the sessions I’ve attended have been super helpful. When you are running a start-up and have to wear a lot of hats you may not have a lot of experience doing all of these things we are learning about that we need to know to make our business successful.” – Megan Johnson, Kruted

“The biggest takeaway for me from the Accelerate Series was day one on the Product Launch, regulatory strategies and regulatory considerations were discussed we gained very insightful strategies on how to shift our products regulatory status and engage the FDA in some active dialogue!” Chris Broderick, Merakris Therapeutics

“Outsourcing recruiting talent is not helpful for us. I wanted to come to Accelerate Series to learn about the techniques, skills and tools and whatever is needed to help my organization to recruit the best talent. I feel like I got the information I needed attending the session today to help my business.” Lin Wang, Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies, Inc.

“Compared to other leadership training I’ve had, I appreciated how she incorporated communication as the underlying vehicle of all of your success. You have to have these other skills, self-awareness, relational awareness, but if you have that and you are unable to communicate then you are not going to be able to communicate.” Rob Boyce, Plakous Therapeutics

“As a young aspiring entrepreneur trying to break into the industry attending the Accelerate Series has really put things into perspective. It really is a good framework for me moving forward. Focusing on people and company culture is an easy thing to forget and making yourself stop and think about who you are a leader and how you interact with everyone else is really important.” Austin Schwartz, Tellus Theraputics

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