Pay it Forward Pledges

Support the Community Supporting You  

We understand entrepreneurs may not have the capacity to give back to CED during the scaleup phase of their venture. As a way to support the community supporting them and pay it forward for others, entrepreneurs are encouraged to pledge gifts of personal stock in their company to CED as a charitable gift in connection with a future liquidity event. 

A pledge is not a current gift of stock to CED, but rather an expression of your intention to gift the shares in the future at the time of a liquidity event.  Once you have decided that you wish to make a pledge of stock, the process for making the pledge is relatively simple. 

Learn more by reading our Stock Pledge Information & FAQs.  To download a Stock Pledge Form, click here.

iContact founders, Aaron Houghton and Ryan Allis;  former Advanced Liquid Logic CEO Rich West and local entrepreneur Moise Khayrallah have all made charitable gifts to CED through a Stock Pledge in recent years. Thanks for your support!