leaders never stop learning about themselves and their teams

In the great debate on whether leaders are born or made, we’d say both.  Leadership is not a destination, it is a journey. Curiosity and the quest to understand the qualities of good leadership is all part of the journey. 

CED believes that strong teams and strong leaders make better companies.  That is why we are focused on providing leadership development opportunities throughout the year to our network of partners and partner companies. 

Who are our Leadership Consultants?

CED selects Leadership Development consultants based on experience and subject matter expertise that is attributable to our audience. Entrepreneurial Companies have a unique set of challenges to overcome, so it is important that our consultants are familiar with those challenges and can offer direct relatable content. 

We also know that choosing the right leadership development resource for your team is tough.  You have a lot of options and it is not always a clear choice who is the best fit for your culture and team.  So CED provides you the benefit of sampling the resources in our community.  That’s right, each three-hour workshop is led by a different consultant, so you can test drive the content before you make the decision to buy! 

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If you are actively receiving support as an accelerate partner from CED, you are eligible to attend this workshop. Make the commitment to building a better team and sign up today.

Accelerate Partners
Summer 2020
600 Park Office Drive, Training Room
Facilitated by: Grinnell Leadership

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If you are actively supporting CED as a Premium or Strategic Partner, you are eligible to attend this workshop. Seats go fast, so sign up today.

Premium & Strategic Partners
Summer 2020
600 Park Offices Drive, Training Room

2020 Leadership Development Consultants

CED works with highly-specialized individuals to produce quality content that fits your culture.  Learn more about who we are working with this year.


We believe that strong teams and strong leaders make better companies. Gain access to great opportunities like leadership training and more by becoming a CED Partner. Get in touch with our Customer experience team today.