John Wolpert
John Wolpert
John Wolpert,
San Francisco Bay Area
Global Blockchain Products Director

What is Blockchain? Technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes. While you may know it as the underpinning technology for bitcoin, blockchain's application to a range of industries could be 'revolutionary', from medical records to industrial manufacturing.

John Wolpert is IBM’s blockchain offering director, with responsibility for engineering, products and open source initiatives. Prior to that, John was head of products for IBM’s Watson Ecosystem.

John is a three-time entrepreneur and founder of the popular taxi service, Flywheel. He has created new lines of business for several Fortune 100 companies, ran an international consortium of research labs, and has been an IBMer three times — in the past running the ground-breaking alphaWorks organization and the Extreme Blue incubator lab.

John’s work on collaborative business innovation is published in Harvard Business Review and Harvard Business School Press. He has delivered keynotes to the Australian Parliament, the European Commission, and for numerous corporate and top industry events. 

See John live as a Speaker at CED Tech Venture Conference 2016