Alisyn Malek
Alisyn Malek
Alisyn Malek,
Detroit, MI
GM Ventures
Venture Investor

identifies and invests in promising startups with an automotive application

Sector Focus: Automotive Cleantech - Infotainment - Advanced Materials - Other Automotive-Related Technologies

Alisyn Malek is a venture investor with GM Ventures. In this role she leverages her experience working in automotive product development and innovation to identify and invest in promising startups with an automotive application.

Alisyn joined General Motors in 2008, working primarily in the electrification area, focusing on the advancement of charging technologies and leading the early development of the DC charging system for the Chevy Spark.  She also worked in electrification strategy development and the deployment of Ethernet based communication protocols in the automotive environment.

Alisyn holds bachelor degrees in mechanical engineering and German. She has a master degree in energy systems engineering from the University of Michigan and is currently pursuing her master of business administration through the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Alisyn is patented and published in electrification technology.

See Alisyn live as a Speaker at CED Tech Venture Conference 2016