Doug Kaufman
Doug Kaufman, Ph.D.
Durham, NC
TransLoc Inc.

Dr. Doug Kaufman is an experienced leader, entrepreneur, and the CEO of TransLoc Inc, a growing transportation technology company in Durham, NC. TransLoc is developing the platform to connect and integrate all modes of transportation to form a single, seamless mobility network with transit at the center. Under Doug’s leadership, TransLoc was named to Fast Company’s 2017 list of the most innovative companies in transportation, alongside Uber and Tesla.

Doug is the founder of multiple companies. He founded clearTXT, which was a leading provider of mobile communication for colleges and universities, as well as Spring Engage (formerly Spring Metrics), which provides behavior analytics that help companies make better decisions and grow revenue.

Doug was an early team member at Blackboard where he developed and managed a 250+ discipline-specific online educational resource center, and as Director of Product Development, he worked on key initiatives helping to firmly establish the company’s flagship e-learning platform.

While working on his PhD in Social Psychology, Doug created to be an educational resource center for his psychology students. Millions of students around the world now depend on as an essential resource in their learning.

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