Kelly Smith, Ph.D.
Kelly Smith, AgBiome
Kelly Smith, Ph.D.
Research Triangle Park, NC
Director of Microbials Development

Kelly is currently the Director of Microbials Development at AgBiome. AgBiome provides industry-leading discovery and early research for agriculture, by exploring the crop microbiome to identify products that reduce risk and improve yield.

An experienced biotechnology innovator, Kelly Smith has returned to the entrepreneurial community after serving as Head of Pasteuria Bioscience for Syngenta Crop Protection. She was a co-founder of Pasteuria Bioscience, where she was principally responsible for development of the proprietary Pasteuria manufacturing process. She served most recently as CTO prior to its acquisition by Syngenta. Prior to Pasteuria Bio she worked in research and development for Entomos, Inc, developing an early version of the Pasteuria fermentation process, and Hercules Chemical, developing biocides and biological diagnostics for the paper industry. She holds an MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering Science from the California Institute of Technology and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.

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