Dr. Myla Lai-Goldman
Myla Lai-Goldman
Myla Lai-Goldman, M.D.
Durham, NC
GeneCentric Diagnostics
CEO and President

Dr. Lai-Goldman is the Chief Executive Officer and President of GeneCentric Diagnostics. She is also a founder and director of the Company. Dr. Lai-Goldman spent more than 18 years at Laboratory Corporation of America, Holdings (LabCorp), the last 10 years as Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer. She served on LabCorp’s Executive and Management Committees, with strategic and operations responsibilities for 3 major genomic laboratories comprising more than 700 people. During her tenure at the Company, she led all clinical, scientific and medical activities, including the introduction of more than 400 clinical assays. Her experience includes the development of partnerships, licensing, and acquisitions. After leaving LabCorp, Dr. Lai-Goldman became a Venture Partner at Hatteras Venture Partners and is the managing partner of Personalized Science, LLC, a consulting company founded to assist customers achieve successful adoption of innovative diagnostics. Dr. Lai-Goldman received her BA from the University of Pensylvania and MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Lai-Goldman is Board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology.

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