Company Profile: yetta Foundation

CED Tech Venture Conference 2017 - Demo Room
Sub-sector: FinTech
Year Founded: 2017

yetta (ÿ) Protocol –
A Blockchain Protocol for Philanthropy, Economic Development, and Trade

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ignite a new paradigm for philanthropy where contributors could materially increase their financial assets supporting most notable social, civil, and humanitarian non-profits, higher education institutions, and social enterprises.

In a micro-finance contribution model, philanthropists can reduce unemployment and increase job creation by sponsoring striving citizens in their own communities through performance-based continuous education and workforce development smart contracts.

Recently the United Nations adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

In this white paper, we introduce the yetta (ÿ) protocol as a self-sustaining innovation for the simultaneous achievement of both social good and economic development. We assemble the wealth creation incentives of the capitalist and speculative spheres with the human betterment of the social and cooperative spheres to achieve a better quality of life for all.

The yetta protocol is one of the research outputs of the PIE News project, a research project funded by the European Commission H2020 Framework Programme. One of the goals of the project is to assess to what extent the Blockchain technology can be used to fund basic income, job creation and scholarships through smart contracts of several types, possibly including automatised value transfer of philanthropic donations to eligible recipients to build a scaleable and long-term sustainable strategy.

Finally, we offer yetta (ÿ) as a global remittance and payment token for commerce and trade.

As we align and deploy yetta (ÿ) with governmental monetary systems as a local complementary currency for social benefit payments and for local trade, we assert that yetta (ÿ) may be a formidable alternative to Bitcoin for exchange of value financial transactions.

yetta (ÿ) is a global innovation, inclusive of all – society empowered, trade enabled, progressive policies with a conscious outreach to the unbanked and to developing economies.

yetta (ÿ) is a Hebrew name meaning “ruler of the household,” where, in this context, ruler is money and household is the global economy.

The currency symbol for yetta is the Latin small letter ‘y’ with dieresis, (ÿ), with an ISO 8859-1 ANSI Character Code of 255. The ISO 8859-1 Character Coding Standard is displayable on all web browsers and mobile devices worldwide. Similar to the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen symbols, the yetta (ÿ) symbol is designed for global digital adoption and acceptance.

Darrell Hubbard, Founder and CEO
Marco Sachy, Cofounder and Chief Digital Officer


  • Completed the research and development of a compelling cryptoCurrency offering
  • Established key technology and business partner relationships
  • Developed prototype to showcase our MVP
  • We are currently writing our White Paper and plan to host an Initial Coin Offering in the Fall / Winter 2017.
  • Funding: $100,000

Darrell Hubbard
Charlotte, NC

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