Company Profile: Trana Discovery, Inc.

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Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                           
Year Founded: 2000

Trana Discovery provides a proprietary anti-infective discovery technology platform that enables its partners to discover new treatments of bacterial, viral, and fungal infectious diseases. Our assays screen compounds to identify potential drug candidates that work through a novel mechanism of action: inhibition of the target pathogen(s) ability to use an organism-specific transfer RNA (tRNA), essential for propagation. An LLC is being created by Trana to maximize the IP for the Gm (-) antibiotic discovery platform and is owned presently by Trana. Investment in Trana Gram Negative Antibiotic Discovery, LLC would garner an investor/angel part ownership in this LLC.

Steve Peterson, CEO
Ed Gallagher, Vice President of Intellectual Property
Mike Gallucci, Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO
Dan Mitchell, PharmD, Vice President of Strategic Services
Mike Ossi, MD FAAP, CSO
Winnell Newman, Co-founder
Sam Yenne PhD, Vice President of Development, CDO
Leigh Ann Gallucci, Vice President of Financial Reporting & Accounting
Dan Sternbach PhD, Vice President of Med Chemistry
Tom Peterson, Director of Marketing and Communications
Dick Guenther, CTO and Co-founder
Andrzej Malkiewicz, PhD, Scientific Research Consultant
Chris Ellis PhD, Vice-President, Bioinformatics


  • Funding: $880,000 from 22 angels/investors, >$1MM in loans and grants from NCBC and NIH/NIAID/DAIDS & DMID/BM
  • Working on two projects with BMB and filed joint application with USAMRIID for discovery platforms for specific antibiotics (e.g. Burkholderia sp.)
  • Separate application for a gram-negative discovery platform to identify selective antibiotics
  • Recently signed collaboration with Bayer CropScience for anti-fungal discovery program

CED, NC Biotechnology Center, NC State Office of Technology Transfer, NCBIO

Steve Peterson
Cary, NC

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