Company Profile: StrongKey
Sub-sector: Security
Year Founded: 2001
TechCon Location: Main Stage & Networking Hall

StrongKey is making data breaches irrelevant. By providing four specific practices that ensure data, no matter the format, remains encrypted and protected at the highest possible level, we are redefining the way businesses and government agencies secure their information against the inevitability of a breach. While other security solutions focus on predicting, containing, or looking after the perimeter, StrongKey provides strong authentication, encryption, and digital signatures—underpinned by hardware-based key management—to ensure data security, even with an attacker on your network. We’re trusted by some of the largest companies and critical government agencies around the globe, and we have tailored solutions whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small to mid-sized business.

Jake Kiser, CEO
Brian Jenkins, VP, Product
Arshad Noor, CTO 
David Irwin, VP, Engineering
John Whittington, VP of Sales
Nicole Culver, Marketing Manager


  • From the years 2001 - 2016, StrongKey (then known as StrongAuth) was an entrepreneur-led small business with small revenue. At the end of 2017, we closed our first and only round of funding and have entered our growth stage in 2018. We have doubled our team size in the first 6 months (from 8 to 17) of this year and are poised for growth.
  • Accolades: CED Disruptive Tech 2017
  • Funding: $10m in a Series A from Systena America, part of Systena, a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan

American Underground; CED; Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (I&E)

Jake Kiser
Durham, NC

Past CED Tech Conference selection: 2017 Emerging Technologies, Demo Room

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