Company Profile: RiboWiz Scientific

CED Life Science Conference 2017 - Innovation Room                                                                                     
Sub-sector: Biotech and Pharmaceutical                                                             
Year Founded: 2015


RiboWiz offers customized SaaS and web-based subscription licensing to accurately predict and maximize recombinant protein production for life sciences companies engaged in therapeutics, drug discovery, crop protection, industrial enzymes, diagnostics, and bio-manufacturing. RiboWiz’s patent-pending and proprietary software platform, RiboScan™, minimizes trial-and-error and parallel laboratory testing which generates cost savings of $50K -$500K+ per R&D project and shortens those project’s turnaround time from 2-10+ years to 1-6 months. RiboScan™ simulates and modulates novel protein synthesis mechanisms to successfully produce difficult-to-make recombinant proteins more efficiently and quickly. This disruptive service enables clients to bring more innovative products to market faster, giving them a competitive edge.

RiboWiz is accepting customized service orders through marketplace or email us at Find RiboWiz on at

Dr. Scott Vu, CEO, CSO, and Co-founder
Dr. William Glauser, Co-founder
Joseph Thomas, Co-Founder
Laura White, Operations


  • Finalizing service contracts with multiple global ag-biotech and pharma companies
  • Launching closed alpha-release of cloud-based subscription service in Q4 of 2017
  • Accepting customized service orders via marketplace
  • PCT patent application filed – patent covers protein optimization in all organisms
  • Exclusively licensed RiboScan™ patent and copyright from NC State University
  • Placed 2nd in Lulu eGames Daugherty Endowment Track
  • Selected for Innovation Room at 2016 CED Life Science Conference
  • Funding: Bootstrapping and $7,500 from startup competition

CED, HQ Raleigh, NC Biotechnology Center, NC State Office of Technology Transfer, NCBIO, SBTDC, NC State University E-Clinic

Scott Vu
Raleigh, NC

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